Energy optimization at WWTP Frankfurt (Oder)


Installation and startup of the MESSNER aeration system completed!


The renewal of the aeration system in the aeration tank 2-4 at the water treatment plant in Frankfurt (Oder), begun in August 2012 is now complete. The new aeration system with MESSNER Aeration Panels has been mounted by  SBN (Schachtbau Nordhausen GmbH) and successfully put into operation.


During the whole reconstruction of the aeration tanks of the biological cleaning stage, a trouble-free cleaning performance of the wastewater treatment plant could be continuously guaranteed.


A perfect, extensive and fine air distribution, which has a positive effect on the biological degradation process and thus overall positive effect on the biocoenosis is now replacing the old aeration system with disc diffusers. In addition, the measurement was improved and a new control system implemented according to the concept of the MESSNER Umwelttechnik, so that the aeration can quickly adapt to changing conditions and provides the necessary oxygen input depending on the incoming load.


The new aeration system works in comparison with the old disc diffusers significantly more energy efficient and has a significantly longer service life and thus a high payback rate.


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