Energy Saving at WWTP Emden


  • Exchange of the MESSNER Aeration Panels after more than 22 years operation
  • New established RMU Plug Flow Technology
  • 47% energy cost saving and operating safety


The load of the main wastewater treatment plant Emden-Larrelt, which has an expansion size of 90,000 inhabitants, is treated in two parallel aeration tanks with a total volume of 9,260 m³. In 2015 the MESSNER Aeration panels got exchanged after continuous operation over 22 and 23 years respectively, and the RMU Plug Flow Technology was established. Thereby four separation walls and all mixers were removed in both circular tanks. The two generated circular plug flow reactors were equipped with in total 136 MESSNER substitute Aeration Panels, which were installed evenly distributed. The energy consumption of the biological wastewater treatment could be reduced by 47% during the reference period due to higher membrane surface, removal of the mixers and RMU Plug Flow Technology. This means an energy saving of 654,000 kWh, extrapolated to one year. Therefore the specific energy consumption of the biological wastewater treatment is actual under 10 kWh per inhabitant and year. Furthermore the average effluent value of ammoniacal nitrogen could be decreased by 40% in the reference period.







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