Energy efficient optimisation results in 47% energy cost saving

Direct order, smooth project execution, guaranteed energy savings!

The Adelsdorf wastewater treatment plant has a design capacity of 25,000 PE with an industrial wastewater share of approx. 40%. The biological waste water treatment takes place in a circular ring tank, which is aerated intermittently.


Following comprehensive preliminary planning and load calculation by RUDOLF MESSNER
UMWELTTECHNIK AG the contract for upgrading the biological stage using the RMU Plug Flow Technology was awarded directly to RUDOLF MESSNER UMWELTTECHNIK AG in a single-tender action. Since then, the biological stage of the wastewater treatment plant Adelsdorf has been running uninterruptedly with stable discharge values that are well below the limit values. Moreover, as a result of the energy efficiency optimisation action the blower capacity could be reduced considerably.


At the time of procurement, RUDOLF MESSNER UMWELTTECHNIK AG had guaranteed an achievement of minimum 20% energy savings. Following the upgrade of the aeration system using RMU Plug Flow Technology, energy consumption could in fact be reduced by 47%. The savings can be attributed to the high-efficient aeration and mixing technology as well as to the implementation of the dynamic RMU control and automation concept.





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