58% Energy Saving - WWTP Oberhoppen


58% Energy Saving: Result after one year operation of the WWTP Oberhoppen with the MESSNER Aeration Panel.


The Verbandsgemeindewerke Asbach operates its collective wastewater treatment plant, which has an expansion size of 18,000 inhabitants. The load of the aerobic stabilizing wastewater plant, which is just below the expansion size, is treated in two parallel aeration basins that are operated intermittently.


The installation of the MESSNER Aeration Panels in April 2015 increased the operating safety of the wastewater treatment plant Oberhoppen significantly. The oxygen requirement may now also be covered independently at peak load times, even with unchanged blower technology originating from 1994. The average effluent values for total nitrogen remain under 5 mg/l. The annual energy consumption of the blowers was able to be reduced from 392,469 kWh to 165,993 kWh. This corresponds with a reduction of 57.7%. At an expected service life of minimum 15 years, this corresponds with total savings of 655,500 euros.




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