Aeration Systems

In the meantime, MESSNER aeration technology has proven itself for over 25 years in municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants of different sizes and under different operating conditions. The MESSNER aeration technology mainly consists of the MESSNER Aeration Panel and the related downpipes including ball valve and a pressure relief equipment. By default, each aeration panel is connected with a separate HD-PE pipe (DN32) via a ball valve to the above-water air distribution. 

Assembly of the MESSNER Aeration Panel can proceed in two ways:

    • Fixed installation on the tank floor
    • To be lifted out on a frame

Fixed Installation

In general, the installation of the aeration system is applied directly to the tank floor. By attaching the MESSNER Aeration Panel directly to the tank floor a maximum depth entry and thus an optimal oxygen utilisation are achieved. Any irregularities within the aeration tank can be levelled by elevation of the plates if required.



Lift Frame
If particularly required, the aeration system with the MESSNER Aeration Panel can be designed as a construction which can be lifted. This results in the option to:

  • Install the aeration system in the filled aeration tank also during operation.
  • Lift the aeration panels out and in (in groups) in the event of a fault without draining the aeration tank.



Area Layout
The area layout of the MESSNER Aeration Panel depends on the tank size, the tank form and its floor coverage. For floor coverage from approx. 20% of the tank no separate mixing devices are required to avoid deposits.


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