Aeration Systems for municipal wastewater

The heart of municipal wastewater treatment plants is the biological treatment stage. With our aeration panels, we offer the optimal solution for supplying oxygen to the bacteria. Our service includes not only the delivery, assembly and commissioning of the aeration system from the top of the tank, but also the project-specific design of the aeration system and the blowers.

Aeration Systems for industrial wastewater

The biological wastewater treatment in industrial treatment plants places very different demands on an aeration system with sometimes high temperatures, high and strongly fluctuating loads, as well as special wastewater ingredients. We meet these requirements to a very special degree with the various versions of the MESSNER® Aeration Panels in order to ensure the necessary operational reliability, a long service life and high energy efficiency.

Pure Oxygen Aeration

Wastewater treatment plants that use biological processes for treatment are largely dependent on the entry of oxygen into the activated sludge tank, since this is required for the breakdown of unwanted wastewater ingredients. Aeration systems usually rely on the use of atmospheric oxygen. Using the MESSNER® Aeration Panels, however, a very efficient and fine-bubble entry of pure oxygen is also possible. In practice, this is often used to cover extreme load peaks in the municipal or industrial sector, since these cannot be covered with atmospheric oxygen at a reasonable cost.

Ozone Aeration for 4th Cleaning Stage

For a more extensive removal of trace substances in wastewater treatment plants using a fourth cleaning stage, the two main technologies currently available are ozonation and activated carbon adsorption.

By introducing the strong oxidizing agent ozone into the pre-cleaned wastewater, the trace substances are largely broken down. For this field of application, we offer the MESSNER® Aeration Panel in a special design and with a membrane optimized for this application, which enables the fine-bubble entry of ozone with a high degree of utilization at the same time.

Optimization of Biological Processes

As a basis for the process optimization of your wastewater treatment plant, a load investigation with an observation period of the last 2-3 years is recommended in order to determine the actual load situation. Based on this solid database, we will then work with you to develop a concept for the optimal operation of the biological treatment stage in your wastewater treatment plant in terms of process technology and energy, with the aim of the lowest discharge values and maximum energy efficiency. In addition to the proven MESSNER® Aeration System and the advanced control system MESSNER® Control, a wide variety of other concepts may be implemented:

  • Plug-Flow-System
  • Intermittent / Alternating Aeration
  • Sliding Pressure Control for the Blowers
  • Pulse Aeration for Mixing

More than 60% of the energy consumption of a wastewater treatment plant is used for the biological cleaning stage. Efficient aeration systems and adapted control concepts for the process engineering as well as the intelligent control of all components help here to save significant amounts of energy.

Please get in touch with us, we will be happy to support you in uncovering energy-saving potential and to work with you to implement an efficient solution in practice.