Customer satisfaction requires a high quality of the product, but also the willingness of the manufacturer to accompany his customers and his products for a lifetime.

We not only sell products, we also feel responsible for operation, function and performance. So that your aeration system always achieves the performance that you expect from it and that certainly also characterizes our solutions.

In addition, we guarantee you:

  • Reliable, long-term partnership
  • Close to the customer and short response times
  • Operational and investment security

To ensure this, we offer you a whole range of individual services.


In order to protect our natural resources and act sustainably, we offer our two types of aerators, MESSNER® Classic and MESSNER® Compact, as replacement aerators as part of our MESSNER® ReNew Service.

In this case, old returned aeration panels are refurbished in our factory. The refurbished panel can be easily replaced in the aeration tank in a one-to-one process and used again as a new aerator with full manufacturer's guarantee. You will receive the replacement from us as a complete service package including dismantling of the old aerators as well as assembly and commissioning of the MESSNER® ReNew replacement aerators.

MESSNER® Support

During the commissioning period of our powerful MESSNER® Control system and beyond, as part of a support contract, we will support you in operating and optimizing the biological processes in your wastewater treatment plant.

Modern remote access solutions are used for this. These enable us to see the screen content of the process control system from our desk and to optimize control parameters with you or to discuss other measures. There is no need for a time-consuming and cost-intensive journey. This means that short response times are possible, and help is always available when you need it in your daily work.


The inevitable build-up of mineral and biological deposits on the membrane leads to an increase in pressure in the aeration system and thus causes a loss of energy. To counteract this negative effect, the membrane is relieved several times a day by shutting off the air supply, which causes the deposits to detach. This regular pressure relief is ensured by the mandatory standard maintenance cycle via the solenoid valve-controlled relief line.

If a disruption to the biological process caused by a lack of oxygen, toxins, shock loads, etc., nevertheless leads to deposits or growth and thus an increase in pressure loss above the critical limit, another cleaning process can be used: the acetic acid treatment called MESSNER® Dosing. The acetic acid treatment can be performed during the aeration system is running without stopping the operation of the activated sludge tanks.

The acetic acid is finely nebulized over a longer period of time in small doses by means of a dosing unit. The acetic acid is sprayed directly into the air flow of the aeration line and thus reaches the pores of the membrane and unfolds its effect there. The duration of the treatment, the amounts of acid and the dosing intervals are system-specific and are calculated individually by RMU for each system.

MESSNER® Cleaning

A high-pressure cleaning of the aeration panel membranes can be necessary under difficult operating conditions and after several years of use and will help to improve the oxygen transfer. Your aeration system with MESSNER® Aeration Panels will be restored to almost the same condition as when it was new thanks to professional high-pressure cleaning.

Just get in touch with us, we will be happy to offer you professional cleaning of your MESSNER® aeration system using powerful high-pressure cleaning devices for your system.