Sustainable business in accordance with the United Nations' sustainability goals has not only been an integral part of our corporate culture for decades, but is also a central element of our vision for the future. For us, this ambition is particularly expressed through the high quality and long service life of our products as well as the greatest possible reuse. The efforts to reduce the CO2 footprint in the manufacturing processes as much as possible and the responsible selection of all components used have always characterized our business activities.

High energy efficiency, high quality and long service life

High energy efficiency of the oxygen transfer and our outstanding quality standards in material selection and production are the perfect basis for the long-term, sustainable operation of our products in practice. Using MESSNER Aeration Panels leads to a very long expected service life of 15 to 20 years.

Resource conservation and reuse

In order to conserve our natural resources and act sustainably, we offer the recycling of our two aerator types MESSNER® Classic and MESSNER® Compact as part of our MESSNER® ReNew Service.

MESSNER Aeration Panels can be returned at the end of the membrane service life and are refurbished in our factory. These can then simply be exchanged one-to-one and used again in the aeration tanks like new aerators with a full manufacturer's warranty. You will receive the replacement from us as a complete service package including dismantling of the old MESSNER products as well as assembly and commissioning of the MESSNER® ReNew replacement aerators.

Zero Carbon Products

As part of our sustainability strategy, we have created our company's CO2 footprint (Company Carbon Footprint, CCP). This has shown in which areas the most greenhouse gases were released and where the greatest potential for savings and efficiency measures lied. This carbon footprint of the company, including the supply chains, represented the basis for determining the carbon footprint of the individual products (Product Carbon Footprint, PCF).

In our understanding, CO2-neutral or climate-neutral products are products whose CO2 emissions have been determined, largely reduced through process optimization and whose remaining emissions have been offset by a recognized, certified climate protection project.

Therefore, we enable our customers to take a very simple decision for sustainable climate protection with our CO2-neutral products MESSNER® Classic, MESSNER® Compact and MESSNER® ReNew!

PFAS Free Products

With our PFAS certificate of conformity, we declare that our aeration products MESSNER® Classic, MESSNER® Compact and MESSNER® ReNew already fully comply with the PFAS restriction proposals submitted by the EU Commission and do not contain any substances from the PFAS group that are harmful to health.

Even if these substances are not yet fully included in the candidate list of dangerous substances are listed by ECHA, we know the obligation from Title IV (Information in the supply chain) Article 33 (1+2) from the REACH Regulation. In addition, if the candidate list changes, we will provide our customers with information promptly if our products are affected.

With our PFAS-free products MESSNER® Classic, MESSNER® Compact and MESSNER® ReNew, we enable our customers to take a very easy decision for products that are sustainably manufactured and free of substances that are harmful to health!