Energy Efficiency

More than 60% of electricity consumption of a treatment plant are attributable to its aeration tank. In these cases, efficient aeration systems and customised control strategies for process engineering and intelligent control units help to significantly save energy.



The biological treatment level with aeration and circulation represents the largest potential for energy savings of a municipal wastewater treatment plant.


Starting Points for Energy Saving:

    • Area-wide, close to the ground diffuser arrangement (about 20%)
    • Low air admission flow of the diffuser elements
    • Replacement of agitators by aeration pulses (RMU Air Pulsing)
    • Optimised dimensioning and operation of the blowers
    • Reduced pressure loss through automated diffuser maintenance
    • Use of permanently elastic membrane materials without additives (TPU)
    • Load-dependent oxygen entry control
    • Conversion of process engineering to RMU Plug Flow Technology


Please contact us and we will support you uncover energy savings and put efficient solutions into practice with you.


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