MESSNER Aeration Panel®

The proven MESSNER Aeration Panel, equipped with a permanently elastic, low-maintenance, non-clogging membrane of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) contains no plasticisers or other additives and is suitable for continuous and intermittent operation in aeration tanks of municipal or industrial wastewater treatment plants.


MESSNER Aeration Panel®



Dimensions (L x W):

2,0 m x 1,0 m

Active membrane area:

2,0 m²

Air flow:

40 m³N/h per diffuser

Max. wastewater temperature:

30,0 °C (higher temperatures upon request)


The mounting of the aeration panels is performed directly on the tank floor, in the event of an uneven floor the diffuser is elevated and fine levelled. It is installed protected from buoyancy and usually connected with one downpipe coming from the top each (DN32) via a separate ball valve to the main air pipe. All steel parts under water (diffusers and fittings) are made of acid-proof stainless steel (AISI 316).



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The maintenance of the MESSNER Aeration Panel is normally limited to repeated daily pressure relief and its frequency may be set as required via the system controller in the SPS programme.


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