WWTP Kneese


MESSNER® Aeration Panels – the most economical solution for efficient pure oxygen aeration


Before: Injector with an energy consumption of 20 kW per operating hour

After: Liftable MESSNER® Aeration Panels with an energy consumption of 0 kW per operating hour


The company Wasser und Abwasser GmbH Boddenland runs the single-line WWTP Kneese, with a capacity of 29,000 PE. A distillery discharges highly organically loaded wastewater, which leads to peak load situations. To ensure operation safety an injector for pure oxygen aeration was installed additionally to a fine bubble aeration system.


In May 2017 the injector was converted into high efficient MESSNER® Aeration Panels mounted in lifting frames under operation because of energy saving reasons. The pure oxygen aeration with liftable MESSNER® Aeration Panels has gained operation safety even in peak load situations. By switching on the pure oxygen aeration the high oxygen demand is covered fast and sovereign without energy supply, so that the effluent values are safely met any time.









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