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Mixers – Measurements for more efficiency and energy cost savings.


The WWTP Tobl was taken as an example for the comparison of two different activated sludge mixing strategies. The strategies were traditional mixing by using flow boosters and sludge mixing by a full-floor aeration system via air pulsing. As a result the air pulsing, whereby 76% of the energy consumption had been saved, is significantly more energy efficient. 


Published: KA Betriebs-Info , 03/2019



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Energy saving through the use of a highly efficient aeration system with alternating / intermittent nitrification / denitrification.


Energy saving is the topic of our time. If the cleaning performance of a wastewater treatment plant is improved at the same time, this is revolutionary.
WVE GmbH has introduced an innovative system for the operation of the aeration tank taking the treatment plant in Kaiserslautern as an example.


Published: Press release WVE GmbH Kaiserslautern, 07/2010



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Innovative measurement, control and regulation technology for aeration in aeration tanks


The use of advanced measurement, control and regulation technology can lead to a stable treatment plant operation at low flow values with significantly reduced energy requirements. Core of the optimisation measure of the Kohlfurth treatment plant of the Wupperverband (association of municipalities along the river Wupper in Northrhine-Westphalia) is the use of sliding pressure aeration of the aeration dependent on the nitrogen concentration in combination with an intermittent fan control.


Published: KA Korrespondenz Abwasser, 06/2010



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Optimization of aerobic biological wastewater treatment plants with latest activated sludge technology and automation technology



Detailed description of the innovative plug flow technology as a new activated sludge process of intermittent denitrification without mixers and recirculation pumps in comparison with the rules and regulations of the DWA (ATV DVWK standard A 131 2000) published procedures.


Published: Kommunal- und Abwasserberatung NRW GmbH, 03/2010



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Optimisation of wastewater treatment plant performance.


The aeration tank of the wastewater treatment plant with the more efficient diffusers and the new control now represents the state of the art. The upgrade needed to be performed in sections as the treatment plant operation had to be maintained.


Published: Press release City of Winsen, 12/2009



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Modernisation of aeration and analysis technology.


Decreasing the annual costs: The waste management company of the town of Siegen equipped its wastewater treatment plant with an efficient and durable aeration system and modern online analysis.


Published: WWT, 07-08/2003



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